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Hi all! I am a morning massage therapist at the gym and I am so excited to join the team. I look forward to helping you in your health journey! My massage is very versitle and tailered toward you as the client. 

A little about me:

I grew up in a tiny town in Washington State and got my massage therapy license at the Cortiva Institute's 750 hour program. I moved to Colorado in 2018 to live with my finace and have enjoyed every second of being here. Wellington feels a lot like home to me! While I am a home body, in my free time I like to get dirty with paint and work on crafts that I don't need, tend to my tiny garden/help my flowers thrive, read every type of book there is (including text books), or ride my bike around town.


Every massage is customizable to your needs. If you are looking to escape then a Swidish relaxation is what you're looking for. If you are looking to work out some knots, old, or new injuries, you may be looking for more of a clinical, deep tissue massage.

Hot Stone

Hot stone massage is incredibly beneficial to relaxing muscles and allowing massage therapists to reach deeper into the muscle and promote healing. Stones placed in warm water are used safely to warm up muscles and fascia to work out trouble areas.


Light, flowy, and relaxing strokes are used to relieve stress and create a more relaxed state of mind. Swedish is best for those who are looking for a relaxing massage, or those looking to 'escape'. Swedish massage has been known to help with depression by the use of touch therapy, and help with anxiety by alleviating the mind and relaxing the body.

Deep Tissue

The manipulation of muscles on a deeper level by using sustained pressure and deep strokes. Deep tissue will often be used in a sports session, but may also be used on request. Please be aware that, while pain in a massage may seem completely normal, there are times when pain may be too much. Keeping communication open with your therapist is key when receiving a massage.

Prenatal Massage

Many tequniques are used in prenatal massage to relax muscles and your body. Whether its your first, or your tenth, pregnancy is hard on the body and massage can help you through the wonderful, and sometimes uncomfortable, changes that are happening. 
Please note that a doctor's/provider's approval is required before getting massage if you are still in your first trimester or if you are in a high risk pregnancy. 


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60 minute massage

Members:                         $60

Visitor:                                $65

90 minute massage





120 minute massage
(2 hour)





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